Whatever model you have put up, it will be of quality. Indeed, REELAX and MUEL are the two best brands on the market nowadays.

We want to prove the extent of their guarantee: 10 and 12 years. Who says better?

Can not compete with this level of guarantee, that is to say!

 Security question, you can sleep on both ears: the REELAX and MUEL multipoint locks are at a very high security level with an A2P certification.

 Installed by us, we assure you a very great professionalism of our employees / workers

TORDJMAN METAL, owner of the REELAX and MUEL brands, can take charge of this work. Our partnership with this group enables our professionals to operate safely.




Appreciated by most of our customers, the REELAX brand is the only one to have obtained 3 stars from the CNPP for four of its models.

Quickly installed, these locks bring a very high level of safety.

More reliable than other brands, they will bring a higher level of protection to your lock in place.

They can also be fitted with shielding or armored door. 10 years of warranty, REELAX locks are available in a multitude of colors, to choose from a color chart of 84 colors or on request, you can choose the key model! TORDJMAN qualified installer, we offer the best partners for this brand.


The first quality is required. Our MUEL certified safety locks are easy to install and guarantee an optimum safety.

 The MUEL wall lock is suitable for all doors, even armored doors, and is A2P certified, as required by most insurances.

 Safer and more efficient than an integrated lock, the MUEL brand is the best answer to your concern for secure closure.

• These locks are guaranteed 12 years, and are available in a wide range of colors, or in total contrast.

If the brand MUEL exists since 1896, it is because that company is leader in the locksmith market and can be entrusted to the care of the house or any other building. Partner of the brand, we can offer you the best prices for a certified installation.