Facing the increasing number of robberies and home invasion, it has become necessary to protect your front door in order to secure the existence of people and goods within the home as well as your business.

LockExpert guarantees you a work carried out in the standards in order to offer you the best protection as possible.

The best locksmiths :

  • Bricard
  • Fichet
  • Cavith
  • Héracles
  • JPM
  • Izis
  • Pollux
  • Reelax
  • Laperche
  • Mottura
  • Muel
  • Picard
  • Vak
  • Vachette

This allows us to offer you the best price. From a standard lock to a safety one, anti-crowbar, armored handle or armored door.

In all selected brands, locks meet expectations from our customers’ needs.


If your lock is blocked, if it turns in a vacuum, it forces or it moves, then it is time to change it.
You may encounter a problem with your lock for several reasons:

 Misuse (insertion of a wrong key)

 A forcing due to a burglary

 Vandalism

 A manufacturing defects

 The age of the lock

Do not wait to be stuck outside your home to have it replaced because even if our locksmith shop can proceed with the opening, the price will be more expensive than if you simply had to change the lock.


To replace a lock, there are several ways of proceeding, not only depending on the model and the brand, but also according to whether it is:

 A lock embedded in the edge of the door

 A wall lock (attached to the door)

 A multipoint lock

We will give you all the information you need about these different possibilities, depending on your budget and your safety expectations.